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Warden : Chapter 2 - Part 2

Discussion in 'User Creations' started by Warden_Fawx, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Warden_Fawx

    Warden_Fawx N00b

    "D-Dylan...We're not gonna get far in this condition..." Susan would worrily say, As she tries to hold her arm steady, Dylan trying to put it back into it's socket. "Now's not the time. N-..I've been hiding something from you."
    He'd reply. "What is it?" "I've been in contact with Echo." He's slowly say.

    As the words came out of his mouth, Susan's fear filled face looked to him. "Bastard." "Is that all you've been hiding from me?!" She'd hastily remark.
    Dylan shakes his head.
    "Tell me." She demands. As Dylan opens his mouth, His 8Droid +x rung, reading Echo.
    "...I've gotta ta-AAaAAA-" Before he can spit it out, A zombie quickly pounces him. "SUSAN! SUSAN! THE GUN!"
    She'd reach for it, But her arm would still be broken. "Gaaarraaah!" She let out. She's able to grab the 8Droid.
    "Echo? ECHO? Do you read?"
    "Echo here."
    "Bastard, Help us."
    "No can do.." He'd sarcastically remark.
    "HUR-" Before she can say anything, Gunshots ring across the forest. Any zombie within a 10 meter radius was shot.
    A man in a Brown Humvee drives quickly down to the two.
    "I-IN, NOW!" Dylan would try to crawl, But he'd be freezing, as they've progressed from Prince Edward Island(s) to Yukon. Susan runs in and commands the man to go, Even without Dylan.
    "No!" A voice would erupt from the backseat. His head would pop up, Susan recognized him instantly.
    "Brian!" She'd erupt.
    He'd chuckle - "Kept you waiting, Huh?"

    (-- Hello friends! I've decided to continue this series as my writing skills have improved! I hope you enjoy what;s next to come and don't forget..Don't trust a guy who always keeps you waiting.

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