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Where to Go

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by GlassiaTheTower, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. O.K. All ye starters, go to Saskatchewan for clothing, the go to the Alberta gun shop for Aces (Best pistol, but loud), then continue on for some misc. supplies. Go to PEI after for medical stuff, then hit everywhere else up. (Note: If near Quebec/Ontario, visit the Botanists palace and plant stuff so you can come back later for food)
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  2. Cuzzamuluzza

    Cuzzamuluzza N00b+

    Thanks for the tips. XD
  3. FrozenCustard

    FrozenCustard N00b

    I've found Ontario to be my favorite spot to spawn because it has pleanty of guns, ammo and food/water. Then I go to the prison to get some cloths.
  4. Captain JDAM

    Captain JDAM N00b+

    The southeast is the best for starting, IMO. It's fully fleshed out, the colt and ammo are really easy to find, and food is abundant.
  5. subzero22

    subzero22 N00b+

    Actually the best pistol is the Desert Eagle. I think it's the same name or one similar to it in the game if memory serves. It can one hit military men from the front but it's hard to find and clips are hard to come by. At least on normal it can one hit them not sure about hard yet.

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