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[WIP] Bloodrose Valley

Discussion in 'User Creations' started by Blargoramma, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Blargoramma

    Blargoramma N00b+

    Enter the majestic land of Daragoth and fight Zom... I mean Orcs! Okay, Zorcs... And Zoblins, Zkeleingtons, and evil Zwizards... Maybe even Zragons!

    (TL;DR incoming)

    This medieval fantasy themed WIP map, inspired by the Half-Life1 mod Master Sword is fully populated and playable, with a ton of fantasy themed custom items and zombs, but meh... This thing is getting killed by patches to the point where I may just give up on it. I thought I'd put it up here to see if anyone had any workarounds for the various issues. The main issues being:

    • I had zombies setup to guard specific passages and specific item spawns. Now that they wander randomly, that's entirely f*cked. (Also wandering zombs are constantly winding up inside walls, wandering off cliffs, and doing other strange things).

    • Forced randomness in spawn chances for both zombies and items is killing the progressive goal oriented concept and boss lewt. For instance: you go into a pit, with no way out - in center of said pit, are zombies guarding a ladder that you can use to get out. Well, I can't guarantee either the zombies nor the ladder will spawn. Similarly, with Megas with unique loot, can't guarantee the Mega will spawn, nor if I place the items instead, that he'll be there to guard them (or that they'll even spawn).

    If Nelson offers us a way around these issues, or one of you can suggest a way to mitigate them, I may come back to it. Meanwhile, this map is incomplete, but fully populated and fully playable, with seven large encounter areas. Here's the full info:

    Enter the majestic land of Daragoth and fight Zom... I mean Orcs! Okay, Zorcs... And Zoblins, Zkeleingtons, and evil Zwizards... Maybe even Zragons!
    Bloodrose Valley is a fantasy RPG styled map and mod, inspired by the Half-Life1 mod Master Sword and Lanethan's world of Leann.
    Currently the map is balanced for Easy gameplay for 1-4 players. Other levels maybe more difficult than intended. Items to stop bleeding and mend broken limbs, and the supplies to craft said with, for instance, are in short supply.
    Map entries are to be numbered for the easiest progression. Enemies get progressively more difficult in higher numbered areas, and may require equipment and items from the previous areas to defeat.
    [In the WIP version, the auto-generated overhead map maybe a bit sparse and difficult to read, and the numbers are not yet painted in.]
    [Suggested order is currently:
    1. The Dark Forest (There are three Zoblin outposts and Findlebind's Hut therein, should get you an axe, saw, and starter supplies. Learn your berries!)
    2. Shadahar Outpost (Tougher orcs further in, should get you rope with which to craft bows.)
    3. The Fisher King (Good huntin here, craft up that leather armor.)
    4. Calrian Labrynth (Zkeletonz, nails for more arrows, and maybe a new bow.)
    5. The Aluhandra Mesas (Sand zombies and golems.)
    6. Wickard Oven (Lots of Zorcs and Zwizards, possibly some unique items and lots of supplies).
    7. The Halls of Carthain (Galat Coins)
    The Bloodrose Valley Master Sword Item Package (should be distrubuted with this archive)
    Minecraft Blocks! 2.15: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=404387088
    Fiff's Objects 2.1: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=412230621
    Tkiller's Objects v2.2: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=463406227
    iliketrains'S LIGHT PACK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=425670528
    Standalone Ghillies: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=441742806
    More Military Clothes: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=436096906
    Zyrmox's Lights Assets: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450425584
    Gore Pack (sadly not on steam): https://*Censored Link*.com/submissions/gorepack-v1-dot-0
    If you acquired the "Fatpack" version, all these bundles are included with this archive. 
    Otherwise, these are all available in a consolidated Bundle package yonder: <link_pending>/bloodrose_external_bundles.rar
    To avoid potential conflicts, Bloodrose Items are in their own folder with ID's starting at 11101.
    I should have done the same with the Objects, but by the time I thought of it, I had too many out, and would had to have gone back and replace them all. Dernit. 
    After that point, however, I started numbering them from 14101-14111.
    Dwarven Steambow
    Based on: AutoXbow by ZeRoNexuz
    https://*Censored Link*.com/submissions/auto-x-bow
    The Dark Blade
    Based on: Anti-Zombie Blade (AZB) by derpyguy
    https://*Censored Link*.com/submissions/anti-zombie-blade-azb
    Maldora's Costume ("Mage's robes")
    Based on: Assasin Clothes by KikET
    Sir Geric's Dark Armor
    Based on: 2.0 Armor Mod by KikET
    Backpacks of various colors by DR RICHTOFEN
    Chariot of the Gods by Fatsheep[NOR]
    Other Misc Objects integrated and renumbered:
    Special shout-out to Fiff for Castle Nelag!
    (Not yet applied, here for reference) 
    Staff of Fireballs: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=461881890
    Makeshift Weapons: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=410098334
    All others are modified from the original game, using the same models.
    Item IDs: 
    The Dark Blade 11101 (Nerfed Anti-Zombie Blade)
    Dwarven Steambow 11102 (Nerfed AutoXbow with added hgrip and hbsight - not silenced)
    Rusty Axe 11103 (pending - campfire axe)
    Axe of Fire 11105 (Boosted Fire Axe - does full damage to zombie torso and limbs)
    *Ogre's Club 11106 (pending - Modified Baseball Bat)
    Dwarven Hammer 11107 (Boosted Sledgehammer)
    FCK 11108 (Military Knife)
    Galat's Bag of Holding 11109 (Alicepack)
    Adventurer's Backpack 11110 (Travelpack)
    Small Backpack 11111 (Daypack)
    Steambow Clip 11112 (Has been modified to be refillable with arrows - but currently, this is glitchy in that the used arrows dont remove and become unusable - additionally, the magazine itself can be fired as an arrow by other bows)
    Mage's Hood 11113 (wearable by zombies as hat)
    Mage's Robes 11114 (wearable by zombies as gear)
    Maldora's Mask 11115 (wearable by zombies as gear - sadly cannot have mask and robes at same time - need to fix this - just changing type didn't work)
    The Master Sword I (it's a chain saw - joke end-game item)
    Healing Potion 11117 (cures wounds) 
    Curing Potion 11118 (cures infection)
    Stamina Potion 11119 (restores stamina)
    Elixer of Life 11120 (restores everything)
    Leaky Jug of Water 11121 (restores water)
    Sir Geric's Dark Armor 11122 (Black police vest, +30% armor)
    *Torch 11123 (Plank model, substituting as torch, for now - not working)
    Torkalath Bow 11124 (beefed up compound bow, not silenced)
    Elven Longbow 11125 (birch bow with higher zomb and animal head damage multiplier)
    Galat Gold Coin 11126 (mid game item can be used to buy various items via the crafting menu at fire places.)
    Silvered Axe 11127 (boosted camp axe with large head damage multiplier vs zombs.)
    Baked Potato 11128 (restores food fully, but can't be crafted into seed.)
    Chariot of the Gods 13101 (joke end-game vehicle - beefed up golden tank)
    (A horse would be nice, even if it would sputter about like a car and need gas.)
    Several of these items may not yet appear in the WIP version of the map, but you can still spawn them.
    Most of the custom weapons do very little damage to players - this is designed to be a coop map.
    If you have Galat Gold Coins, you can use them to "buy" the following items through the crafting menu at any lit campfire:
    (This requires Cooking level 1 and all the items are found under the Supplies Crafting menu (+).)
    1 Coin:
    - Curing Potion 11118 
    - Healing Potion 11117 
    - Leaky Jug of Water 11121 
    - Baked Potato 11128
    - Rope 64
    - Nails 71
    2 Coins:
    - Elixer of Life 11120 
    - Finely Crafted Knife 11108 
    - Small Backpack 11111 
    3 Coins:
    - Adventurer's Backpack 11110 
    - Elven Long Bow  11125 
    - Dwarven Steambow Clip 11112 
    - Dwarven Hammer 11107 
    5 Coins:
    - Torkalath Bow 11124 
    - Silvered Axe 11127 
    8 Coins:
    - Galat's Bag of Holding 11109 
    - Axe of Fire 11105
    (More to come)
    • Chariot of the Gods is near impossible to drive.
    - Likely can't do anything about it, seems to be related to the vehicle's model/size.
    • Finely Crafted Knife and The Dark Blade are using the same model.
    - I do not have the .unity3D model for either the original military knife nor the kitchen knife, either of which would be a suitable replacement for the FCK.
    - They can be distinguished by size, however. (Dark Blade is 1x3, FCK 1x2)
    • Calrian Boss has a habit of falling through the floor.
    - Seems to only happen on dedicated servers (non-single player), not sure what do.
    • Stepping on some small objects/stairs breaks legs in Normal difficulty or higher.
    - Unturned bug, nadda can do. Play in easy mode (no breakage). I may make a version for higher difficulties later, with more bandaids/splints.
    - Also note that all the custom potions (save for the Leaky Jug of Water) cure both bleeding and broken limbs.
    • When I reload my Steambow Clip the arrows don't disappear, and become unusable.
    - Unturned bug/limitation. The odd thing is, arrows are actually clips. What you are really doing is emptying them into the Steambow clip - and the "clips" themselves don't disappear, but are now empty. Seeing if anything can be done about it - for now, just discard the "broken" arrows. Seambow clip will otherwise reload fine.
    - Additionally, for some dern reason, the clip itself can be used as an arrow by other bows.
    • Potions and water are all the same color, making them difficult to tell apart.
    - I do not have the ability to edit models, nor do I have source .unity3d models for anything but the cantine, or I could use colas and the like to distinguish them.
    • The Fisher King, Calrian, and Maldora do not spawn.
    - They do, but like all Megas, they rarely spawn. Currently there is no way to control the spawn chance for zombies or items. Flipping day/night until you get a full moon may force them to spawn.
    • I'm trapped in Calrian's Lair! (Underground mansion with red carpet.)
    - Normally, a ladder should spawn that you can use to get out. There's a slight chance it will not spawn. Again, no way of changing spawn chances for items or zombies. As a precaution, you can craft a placable structure and bring it with you before descending into his lair. (Though there's a reason there's no duct tape for ladders.)
    • The tougher zombies are worth the same XP as the weaker ones!
    - Yeah, I know. Yell at Nelson - XP does not scale with HP/DMG amt, save for Megas.
    [If you can't be bothered to read all this, at least check the readme inside the file!]

    This FATPACK version, doesn't require any other mods. Dump it into your Unturned root folder:
    http://www.thothie.com/unturned/WIP_Bloodrose_Valley_Fatpack_JUL2015.rar (~50MB)
    You may need Winrar, available yonder: http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
    (Again, suggest playing in easy mode, to avoid the "break legs on everything" frustration.)

    The map is unlocked, so you can edit it.

    Screen shots (in editor, so you canna see zombs - trust me, they be there):
    [click for full view]
    I made night, weird. (Though also, hopefully, not too dark, as flashlights just kill the theme.)

    Entrance to Calrian's Labrynth.

    Shadahar Outpost (night shot).

    Another random night shot.

    The Fisher King's Hut (day - which is relatively normal).

    Calrian's Lair.

    You can't actually get to this angle, but this is to demonstrate (without the need for video), the winding caves leading down to the lair. (Path is fairly level, but will nontheless break the hell out your legs, as will any drop further than three inches between Objects, outside of Easy mode.)

    Wickard Oven (from Castle Nelog) which will contain Maldora and Voldar mega zombies, maybe 10% of the time. (Grrr...)

    Wickard Oven with dev objects visible, so you can get an idea of what I did with it.

    Overgrown section of The Halls of Carthain.

    Mysterious mystical object.

    [REQ] Other stuff, someone with access to Unity could do for me:

    • Would like to make the potions different colors. Just need colored canteens.
    - Healing Potion (red)
    - Curing Potion (purple)
    - Stamina Potion (yellow)
    - Elixer of Life (white)
    - (model for all of the above is in Bundles\Items\Bloodrose\Bloodrose_potion_all\Bloodrose_potion_all.unity3d)

    • Need the original .unity3d models extracted for:
    - The Makeshift Bat (Makeshift_Bat)
    - The Military Knife (Knife_Military)
    - The Kitchen Knife (Knife_Kitchen)
    - Various colas and water bottles (for more potions)
    - Any book (for spell book)
    - Mapel/birch/pine stick (for wands)
    - Corn Seed (for coins - if you cannot make a coin model.)

    • Need the following models re-tagged:
    - Mage's Robes redefined as Top, so zombs can wear the mask, hood, and robes at the same time.
    -- (Bundles\Items\Bloodrose\Bloodrose_magerobes\Bloodrose_magerobes.unity3d)
    -- [Simply editing the .dat file does not cut it.]
    - The Gallows from Gore Pack 2.0 needs to be redefined as a large clipping object:
    -- (Bundles\Bloodrose\Objects\gallows_0\gallows_0.unity3d)
    -- Right now, I got this glass pane thing built around it, but it looks like arse.

    • The following models need alteration:
    - The center forward tower doorways of Castle Nelag from Fiff's Objects are too small to let zombies through (gonna pester Fiff about this yonder)
    -- (Bundes\Objects\FFCastle_0\FFCastle_0.unity3d)

    • Some way to make the torch effect stick to a wielded object, so we can have a proper light source. (Or use the stick model as a viewmodel, give it flashlight properties, and call it "wand of light" - hell, I may just do that with the flashlight, if I can find the model somewhere. I did try to rig this map up so it's not too dark at night - just red and snoopy.)

    • A horse. ^_^ (Yes, I realize it'd putter around like a car and require gas, but hey, a toy charlie horse would be funny as heck. Suggest putting it on a base with wheels, as wide as a car, so it doesn't do crazy things.)

    Also, if some scripting wizard can work this out for me... With "The Dwarven Steambow" (based on AutoXbow by ZeRoNexuz), I modified the clip so it can be refilled by arrows... While it works, it has several major drawbacks:
    1.) The arrows used in reloading don't vanish and become unusable. (Seems that arrows are actually magazines, and what you're really doing is emptying these one-shot magazines into the Steambow Clip.)
    2.) The clip itself can be fired by other bows - not the ammo, but the whole clip. (I guess the bows are somehow seeing the arrows inside the clip and using the whole thing.)
    I suspect nothing can be done about these issues - dunno if I should dump the idea and just distribute clips, or what.

    Anyways, advice/comments/suggestions appreciated, especially if you have anyway around the major issues listed.
  2. HiDeadDirect

    HiDeadDirect N00b

    smart idea to use the mall as a dungeon, will be interesting to see more maps using unturned as a mod engine like half life 2 or gmod. i will try to play as son as i can
  3. Blargoramma

    Blargoramma N00b+

    Wow... People post on this forum? :p

    Yeah, I've been trying to get help with the spawn chances - I think Nelson nixed the wandering zombies due to server resource issues, so that helps, but the concept's kinda down the drain unless I can find a way to control the spawn chances as well. I canna find any forums anywhere that provide help with this sorta thing, and this place is pretty dead.

    Might be a bug in the version linked up, where you can turn rope and nails into the Axe of Fire - just umm... Yeah, ignore that. It's due to a screw up the coin script - fixed since, but I just don't see the point in continuing with this unless I can find some help somewhere. Even tried e-mailing Nelson - got nadda.
  4. Argon

    Argon N00b

    Well, from my understanding:

    First you have to make a spawn table in the zombie spawn menu.

    Second you have to make 2(two) tiers, for what we are doing, I would use: 'SpawnChance' and 'NoSpawn'

    Third you have to add the zombie(s) of your choice to the 'SpawnChance' tab, you can do this by clicking on 'SpawnChance' then adding the ID in the 'ID Box' then clicking add.

    Add nothing to the NoSpawn tab as this is your anchor to spawning nothing.

    Now set the slider for 'SpawnChance' to the %chance you want the zombie(s) to have for spawning.

    If you set it to 50% you have essentially created a coin flip. Heads = Spawn, Tails = No spawn. Now each zombie spawn node you place while having "SpawnChance" selected is individually rolled when the time has come for a respawn. I have not tested if groups will respawn at the same time or if counters are reset per zombie basis. Things to test I guess.

    Good Luck
  5. skillman187

    skillman187 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    sorry to bring this post back to life but i just want to say this looks amazingly done and i can tell you took your time and for those mods/models you need you might want to reach out into the steam comunity and look for someone

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