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WoodBourne [old rust inspired map]

Discussion in 'User Creations' started by joost_mennen, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. joost_mennen

    joost_mennen N00b++

    When i was reading trello i saw nelson wanted to add deathzone nodes. If u go into these deathzone u will drop on youre sickness bar (green bar) and eventually die unless u wear an biohazzard suite.

    This made me think of rust. And i came up with an map idea! This is gonna be my very first medium map.

    This map will be fully survival based were u need to craft and survival way more then u need to loot like in normal unturned. There are no normal towns in this map. Some places will be deathzones soo u can run in and out but not stay long in it. On the official server it will have special airdrops. Everything that can destroy a base is gonna be very very rare. Soo bases finnaly have a point and rading them is gonna be alot more fun!. The map will have (kind of) no map were u can look on soo u really need to explore it. Guns are gonna be very rare. The terain is gonna be very hard and wild. And all kind of animals will be walking around the map waiting for u to kill them or for them to kill u.

    HERE are the first pictures. (Sorry for the small ones)
    10-2-2016 (start working on the map)
    11-2-2016 (small update)
    12-2-2016 alomst done with layout added all scorpion 7 places

    Map out as soon as possible and hosted on millersworld
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